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Its been  barely a few days from our amazing Purim party  - the Purimush .  We had received help from many organizations and people -  without whom it would not have happened. The party might have lasted only a few hours, but everyone puted their soul and hearts much time before that. 

Great Thank are in order to:

Alexander events who have donated  the hall and  lunch!

The Rimonim Band, which boosted the mentors and children to the skies with fun music

Kopla - huge bubbles of soap - Kupla who have shown us that living in a bubble is not always bad

Z Events - Food stalls for events on the dining grounds

Nati Benita Memba Events and productions that took care of us for a sweet evening

Roi Bronstein - a photographer and magnets for the events he filmed and is a magnet for us

The Bamboo House - Bamboo crafts and crafts that helped create about anything you can think of with bamboo

Roy Harazi Photographer - Roey Harazy photographer made sure that the children and the children will have beautiful pictures

Na'aman Bakery - Ir Yamim Mall On cooperation with Anat's pantry catering to small events for the most delicious focaccia in the city !!

Spring season for helping with the preparation of the delicious pancakes that we got :)

Shir Mazal Cohen not only volunteers but also knows how to do amazing things with balloons

@ 400 participants, mentors and cannon children. See you again next year