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"Types" Project

The establishment and operation of a mobile visitor center that will convey significant content that will raise awareness among the general public of the many challenges faced by children with special needs and their families.
Using unique methods for presenting the content, the visit to the center will create a walking experience in the other shoes. By exposing the dilemmas and conflicts that arise with regard to special children, the Center emphasizes the message that it is possible and necessary to turn every problem into a challenge, any shortage of advantage, and any attempt to rise further.

The mobile experience provides flexibility and dynamically reveals the general public to the messages of the center:


  • To bring about introspection
  • To understand the nature of values ​​such as patience, tolerance, sensitivity, compassion and giving for no consideration.
  • Learn to listen to those who do not know how to speak.
  • To remove screens and masks, to eliminate the condescending and condescending gaze.
  • To seek the point of equality and partnership, to develop empathy for the other.
  • "No" that becomes "Yes": The child who can not do anything - himself - leads his environment to significant action.
  • To get the right proportions for life and to understand what really matters.
  • To understand that the attitude toward the weak is a measure of the values ​​and the test of society as a whole.
  • Understand the volunteer side and the benefits that giving gives to the mind.