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On Aug. 15th we held our annual Et Laasot: 5 day filled with activities and fun for 50 children with special needs accompanied by more than 60 volunteers.

During the summer camp, the special children enjoyed many activities, including:  a visit in mini-Israel, the aquarium in Jerusalem,  a visit in 2Jump play-center and trampoline park, a visit in Babilon  ammusment park in Ashdod, kayaking, Jeep tour, foam party and more...

We have returned home, not before we had a festive dinner donated by Ronen Besarim  resturant in Netanya.

This summer retreat camp marks the end of this year summer camps activity, in which Et Laasot held 4 (!) 

summer recreation and retreat camps for children with special needs from all around Israel.

This activity allows the special children to have experiences which they would not have otherwise, 

to enjoy activities like their peers.