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The activity in Beit Shemesh Play Center held every Tuesday. 

On January the 7th, the activity in the Play Centers dealt with the 10th of Tevet fast:
we have talked about the fast and its meaning, played the memory game and began the fast together.

On January th 14th we hosted Mirel, Et Laaot head courter manager. We said goodbye to Gila, an apprentice who moves to Jerusalem and made chocolate balls as part of Sweat Heart initiative to mark the birthday of Gil-ad Shaer, may he rest in peace, who was kidnnaped and murdered on June 2014  by terorists along with his friends Yaacov Naftaly Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach, may they rest in peace.

In the activity which was held on January 21th, we got ready for the Winter Recreation Camp.

We woild like to thank Gvanim Community Center for having us!