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Beit Shemesh Chanukka Party

On Wednesday, on the second candle lighting of Chanukka, Our Beit Shemesh branch celebrated their traditional Chanukka party,  which was also the celebration of the branch's one-year anniversary!

The evening began with a candle lighting ceremony,  followed by blessings  from the deputy mayor, Meir Balaish. The kids had a great time with their families and  the volunteers  at the many food booths, enjoyed agreat video clip of the year's activities,  took photo magnets, danced, had fun, and participated in a raffle.

Towards the end of the evening, the parents gathered together for a brief discussion with the chairman of the association, Rabbi Yossi Munk. He requested input regarding the organization's activities throughout the past year, in order to give them the  opportunity to take part in the planning of the future of the operations of the branch.