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Efrat Summer Camp -Netanya

The Netanya branch opened the summer vacation with an amazing summer camp!

About 60 children, teenagers with special needs and volunteers experienced magical moments for 4 wonderful days.

The amazing Efrat Team organized and hosted an abundance of non-stop experiences and attractions.

Efrat Team welcomed us with a fair of inflatables, food booths that provided us with delicious treats and a fascinating magician's performance.

In the following days we continued with the trip to the zoo, playing games at the I-JUMP trampoline park and enjoying an extreme full of happiness and joy. The children used this opportunity to run riot and jump at heights and enjoy an exciting adrenaline rush.

In the visiting peting zoo we got to know a variety of fascinating creatures and the water tag game was a fun and refreshing experience.

Thanks to the Efrat Team, the donors and partners who made it possible for the special children to have an enriching and quality summer experience!