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Purim Party

On Purim day, the children and their families and volunteers met at an " Extreme" activity center in Netanya that was amazingly decorated and and filled with lots of tasty treats! 

Apart from the food stalls that were operated non-stop, there were many creative booths, such as make-up and spray paint, ATV’s, bungee,  table hockey table soccer,  ropes parks  more.

In addition,  there was aclown who made balloon shapes,  DJ, dancing, photographers,  video, and all the volunteers who came to make the kids happy.

After a great lunch, we enjoyed the main attraction- a performance by the  “Florentine Circus”.

We topped off the day with a raffle, and one of our families won a brand new bike!

Parents didn’t stop thanking and saying that this event was one of the happiest events they ever attended.

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers and especially to The Elizur Country Club and to Hofland Productions, who helped to make the day a wonderful success!