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Shabbat Program

The Shabbat Program is very special, because it gives the children the opportunity to spend weekends all around the country for  unique Shabbat programs ten times a year. Each time,  the children and volunteers are hosted in a different community which welcomes them into their homes for the weekend. 

Our first Shabbat was on 24-25.10.14. A group of 60 children and volunteers  were hosted in the "Mishab community" in Netanya.

The weekend was filled with lots of different activities and events. The youth from the branchof Bnei Akiva entertained us with great love and helped us with all of  the preparations for the Shabbat. We then met our host families, after which we returned to the Tiferet synagogue for prayers, dinner and activities.

We spent Shabbat morning with the families, and  the afternoon was filled with activities, a trip to the park, seuda shlishit. We wrapped up the Shabbat with more exciting activities, and a great time was had by all.

Thanks to everyone involved for making the weekend unforgettable!