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Summer Camp 2013

The 7-day summer camp for about 55 children with special needs began  on Sunday, August 11th 2013. It was run by approximately 70 teenagers, who are volunteers in the “Et La'asot” organization.

This year the camp theme was "On Wheels" - seven days of outings.

Photos from camp:

August 11th 2013 – Outing to “Petting Animals” - riding, playing drums, wood crafts and more

August 12th 2013 – Outing to bowling, and foam activities with firefighters

August 13th 2013 – Outing to the fun park - Kiftzuba

August 14th 2013   - Outing to the Friend’s Park, Ra’anana

August 15th 2013   - Outing to the Monkey Park

August 18th 2013   - Outing to Kibbutz Ein Shemer