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Tzur Hadasa Celebrating Jerusalem Day

The weekly meeting at Tzur Hadasa Play Center was extra special as we celebrated Jerusalem Day with our amazing group of special children and their dedicated personal tutors! 🌟✨

It was an incredible day filled with joy, laughter, and creativity as our children played games and crafted beautiful artwork inspired by the magnificent city of Jerusalem. 🎨🏰

We're immensely proud of our children for their enthusiasm and the fantastic artwork they created, showcasing their love for Jerusalem. 🎉❤️

A huge thank you to our dedicated tutors who continue to make a difference in the lives of these extraordinary children. Your support and guidance are invaluable! 🙌🌈

We look forward to many more joyful meetings and exciting activities at Tzur Hadasa Play Center. Stay tuned for more updates on the amazing journeys of our children!