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Winter Camp Eilat- February 2017

The winter camp in Eilat took place between February 13th -15th, 2017.

Our adventure started with a delicious breakfast in the Ramada hotel.  We continued from there to the "Lunada" (a science theme park) in Be'er Sheva and to the Alpaca Farm.  After that we spent the night in the Ya'elim camping resort. The resort was very special- we slept in a Bedouin encampment, had a wonderful time socializing and bonding with each other, played games and  had a sing-a-long with guitars. We enjoyed a tasty barbecue, played ball games, had coffee, cotton candy and more...

On the second day, we ate a delicious breakfast and then continued on to Eilat, where we  went on a   tour by Jeep, a cruise in the Red Sea, played video games and went  ice-skating.  We enjoyed dinner and a show at the  B-Club Hotel, and then went for a walk along the promenade. 

On the 3rd day, we began our journey home. One the way we were generously hosted for a lunch break   in the settlement Meitar, by Dvir's (a special child) family.  We  then went to the movies and watched the movie "Trolls" in a theater which was all reserved entirely for  us! After enjoying delicious hamburgers, we continued home to our awaiting families. A great time was had by all!