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Et Laasot annual recreation winter camp took place on  the 26th -29th of January 2020.

74 special children acompanied by 90 volunteers enjoyed four days full of fun and adventures!

We had visited the Mt. Hermon site and joined Erez Foundation for an activity in the snow:meeting the service dogs,  riding on snow mobiles and playing in the snow.

JNF guides met us several times during the trip for guided tours and activities. We toured Kanada Park, Beit Shean, Bental Overlook and Aneva Park.

Bnei Akiva youth group from Keshet branch hosted us for a dinner, sport activities and karaoke.

We arrived to Kibutz Deganya which lies to the Galilee sea and visited Galita Chocolate Factory and had a sweet experiment. The factory also treated us with packeges of chocolate for the children who did not want to anticipate in the activity.

In Lido shore we got on a  dancing cruise in Galilee sea.

In the Kanada Center we ice-skated, played bowling and snooker and watched 3-D movie.

In Kibutz Regba we visited the White Pool - extream games and facilities over a huge pool of white balls.

2-Jump trampoline park hosted both of our groups during the winter camp. Once in Haifa and once in Netanya.

We Would like to thank all those who had donated to make this camp for an unforgetable one:

Hen Hall in Tiberias
Humus Yaacov
Bnei Akiva Youth Groop in Keshet
Buchmans Pizza Modiin
Burgerim Tibirias